Friday, March 7, 2014

Fortune Cookies Know it All.

I feel like slowly but surely I'm starting to get back into drawing mode. It feels like ages ago since I picked up a pencil and made an effort to draw something. Needless to say, I'm very rusty and it feels like I have to learn everything all over again. Maybe I'll start one of those drawing challenges soon... I really need to keep working on my skills! I'm doing pretty well with my goal to take pictures every day though ^^ Here are some shots from the last few days...

 I am prepared, mr fortune cookie!
 I will never stop drooling over my precious pink Alkaline Trio record
 Been cutting pictures from some old magazines (one of my all time favorite things to do!)
Morning pilates on my pretty new pink flowery mat!
More magazine clippings
Practise makes perfect. Hopefully.
We have our late night sugar cravings every once in a while... 

Hope everyone had a nice first week of March! Spring finally seems to be on its way to Canada (even though it's still FREEZING, at least the sun is shining and the snow is slowly melting) 

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