Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside.

Just when I decided to get back into the habit of taking photo's on a daily basis, my camera decides to die on me. I've had it for 4 years now though so it's not much of a surprise.. it has survived many vacations and seen so many things. I've been lusting over the newer version in pink for a while now, so now that's another thing to add to my list of things to save up for :) luckily until then, I still have my phone to take pictures with!

This morning I woke up to find a box filled with these pretty donuts! Even though I don't necessarily enjoy eating donuts, just the look of them makes me happy! Especially ones with rainbow sprinkles n.n

A few days earlier I woke to find something else that made me smile! My dear friend Alexandra from Spain sent me this! My first fun mail in Canada!

Zhe boyfriend got me these pretty new earrings c: pink and sparkly.. what more could I ask for?

My new favorite place to get tea is this place called Teavana. We recently got an amazing one called Sakura Allure (even the name alone is amazing). It's flowery green tea and there are actual little flower buds in there. It's really sweet, almost candy like and smells amazing! The other one is plain loose green tea, which will always be my go to tea.

After 2+ weeks I figured it was about time to clean up my Valentine's Day bouquet. I never like getting rid of flowers because then it's so empty again :( still can't bring myself to throw away these pretty dried roses haha.

Other sweetness... this interview with Kate Gabrielle from scathingly brilliant Especially love her answer on 'What are your dreams?' Cherry Dollface's new house tour can my future home look like this plz? So cute! The Great Gatsby movie finally got to watch it and I absolutely loved the sets, outfits, music... it was pure eye candy to me. The Mad Caddies - drinking for 11 Pinning on my tea Pinterest board.. it makes me want to collect tea sets! 

Today I did some cleaning, pilates and tea drinking and in a bit we're probably going to browse the bookstore and get some food! Sounds like a good start of the week to me. Hope your week is starting off good as well!

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