Monday, July 6, 2015

My 5 Favourite Blogs

I've been reading and writing blogs for a long time now. I've been on so many platforms like livejournal, deviantart, wordpress and now blogger and have been following other bloggers on here for a while as well. Over the years lots of them disappeared, or both them and I changed so much that I wasn't interested in following them anymore. ANYWAY, I thought it would be fun to make a list of blogs of which I read basically every single thing they post.

I was never the kind of girl to dream about her wedding. It was just never a priority to me. But thanks to Rock 'n Roll bride I started fantasizing about my wedding even before I met my boyfriend. Well, it's not even really about the wedding idea.. I mainly just love all the amazing photographs on there of off-beat weddings and people and to read about their stories. What can I see.. I just love seeing quirky people in love and having their 'happily ever after'. She also sometimes posts other things to inspire and/or motivate you and all in all it's just a great blog with good vibes all around!

Usually I'm not the biggest fan of 'daily outfit' fashion kind of blogs, but Ashley is the exception! She always has the greatest pin up inspired outfits and not to mention the greatest hair colours! All her colours and styles inspire me and make me smile every time. It's also great to watch her grow and develop as a woman. Going from one job to another, having a baby girl, balancing everything. She seems very genuine and down to earth. And I just want to own her entire wardrobe.

Just the layout of this blog will instantly make you smile (and have a cavity or two!). Sweetapolita makes the cutest and most beautiful, delicious looking cakes ever. Food is a huge inspiration for me creatively and her posts are sure to inspire me every time. I'm dying to get my hands on her brand new book, if even just to look at the pictures..

Cara's bright and colourful outfits always make me smile! Plus her banner has Hello Kitty and unicorns so you can't go wrong with that.. I love her pink and purple hair (I might be biased just a liiiiitle bit when it comes to that haha) her quirky style and pretty nail art. Again this girl seems very genuine and cool and that's what always attracts me to blogs. Plus she has a hot pink car. Enough Said.

This blog is from the awesome couple Jenny and Aaron and they have a super cute shop with all kinds of pastel coloured pastries to decorate your home. I always love their colour pallet with light pink and blue with a touch of black to even everything out. Jenny also posts the cutest little DIY and mixed media projects and always provides me with lots of creative inspiration! They also post some pretty delicious recipes every once in a while. After browsing through their blog looking for pictures to use for this post, I instantly feel like grabbing my craft supplies and create something deliciously cute!

Are you following any of these blogs? I'm kind of to lazy lately to look for new blogs to follow, so if you have any tips for me, please let me know!


  1. Such a good collection of blogs! I'm super excited to have something coming up on rocknroll bride too - eep, it's so amazing because I've loved that blog for so long too. I guess I just love when people are colourful :)

  2. @burntfeather same here :) Anyone with a colourful style is usually an instant 'follow' for me! Thank you!