Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Favourite Uses For Coconut Oil

I did it. I jumped on the Coconut Oil bandwagon. And let me tell you, I'm SO GLAD I DID! After seeing it pop up in countless of youtube videos and blogs I simply had to get my hands on a jar. So when I was at an eco/healthy grocery store the other day and saw literally an entire wall of different kinds I knew that was the day I would try this apparent magical substance.

This the one I got (after smelling and reading the labels of a lot of them) by Spectrum. I got it because it was cheap, organic AND has a rainbow on the front. You can basically get any kind as long as the labels says nothing else but (organic) coconut oil. Make sure the label reads either 'Virgin' or 'Organic', NOT 'Hydrogenated'. Real, natural coconut oil is odorless and tasteless. And even though I love the taste and smell of coconut I wanted the real deal! As for as I know, this is nothing but true organic coconut oil.

Sooo what can you do with it? Well, let's jump straight into it shall we!?

1. Make-up Remover
This is my number one favourite use! It literally melts that stubborn make-up off of your skin. Normally I'd wake up with mascara stains or would have to rub to get everything off. With this, I just warm a little bit between my fingers, gently rub it over my eyes and wipe it away with a tissue! Believe me, it's amazing. Super gentle, all natural and cheap. I do use a tonic afterwards for my entire face to feel fresh, but at least I don't have to rub my face anymore.

2. Make a coconut & sugar facial or body scrub
This is also a great, all natural way to clean and smooth out your skin. Just mix sugar and coconut oil together (I kind of eyeball it, and whatever is left I keep in a small air-tight container). Use finer sugar for you face (either store bought or put regular sugar in a blender and grind it) and regular sugar for you body. Just wash your face and/or body with soap afterwards and voila! Super soft and nourished skin.

3. Smooth out flyaways and dry ends
Yes you can even use it to style your hair! I'm always taunted but those pesky baby hairs, flyaways and dry ends. Just warm a tiny bit between your fingers and gently smooth over any hairs sticking out or hydrate your dry ends. It works great for me personally and instantly adds some shine to your hair. Surprisingly it doesn't make my hair greasy at all!

4. Soften your skin and strenghten your nails
Before I used coconut oil my nails were very weak and kept breaking all the time. It was driving me (coco)nuts! I love having long nails but they simply weren't co operating. Now I use the oil on my hands and massage it into my cuticles almost every night and my nails are super strong now and haven't broken in a while (let's hope I won't jinx myself) and my hands are a lot softer. I also like to rub a little on my lips once it's on my hands. Again, it's surprisingly not greasy at all and you could definitely use it as a full body moisturiser as well!

5. Oil Pulling
I admit it sounds a little gross, but hear me out. This oil is great for oil pulling. Basically what you do is take a tablespoon of oil and put it in your mouth. Swish it around for about 15-20 minutes and then spit it out in the trashcan (NOT in the sink. It will clog it). It's amazing for your oral health and whitens your teeth. I always feel like I just had a dental cleaning when I do it.

There's so many more things coconut oil is great for, but these are my personal favourites! Just google or youtube coconut oil and you'll find a lot more uses! Do you use it? Do you want to get jar now?

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  1. My friend got me onto coconut oil as a makeup remover and I haven't looked back since. I was doing oil pulling for a while and loved it but just fell out of habit. I have horrible nails - always breaking so I'm totes going to start lathering them up and see how it goes :) I love coconut oil!