Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I finally got to celebrate my birthday at home with my family! It was good finally being all together and home again. I never thought I would miss it this much. Naturally I took a lot of pictures!

Rocking my handmade cupcake scarf! (minus sprinkles)

I got some amazing artbooks from Monsa and a super cute cupcake handcream + chocolate fridge magnet!
My first real, proper handbag, I love it so so so much! <3
super cute ring I also got from my mum c:
I also got lots of crazy neon colored acrylic paint! So awesome.

One thing I really wanted to do was make 'food that looks like other food' which have turned into sugary looking cupcakes, which they really aren't. I was also planning on making a 'meatloaf cake', but I'll save that one for an other time...

My cake was made by this recipe, though I used some delicious amaretto instead of almond extract in the buttercream.
Weird cupcakes in the making.
No those aren't chocolate chips.
Omnomnom cake in the making.
I had never frosted a cake like this before.
I sprinkled some more sugar on top in case the massive amount in it wouldn't be enough
Think this is deliciously sweet strawberry icing? Think again!
'food that looks like other food' cupcakes! With tomatoes, bacon and a creamcheese/beetjuice icing.
My birthday seems to be cursed though, there's always drama going on and this year was no exception. I don't feel like going into it and as you can judge from the pictures most of the day was still fun and yummy!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and here's to the beginning of my twenties!



  1. I want that bag! Where did you fiiind it? xx

  2. @MaDonna Flowers You can find it at lots of online shops! It's the Hello Kitty Fuchsia Pink Embossed Bag from Loungefly. I got it from a store in the UK so it wouldn't take too long to get here :) but if you google it I'm sure you'll find plenty of shops having it for sale!