Thursday, January 31, 2013

birthday blogging

Howdy! Some of you asked me to do a post on what I got for my birthday, so here it is! First of all I want to make clear I am not doing this post to brag whatsoever. I find much more joy in giving presents rather than receiving them. With that said, let's get on with it shall we?
boob balloons!
Okay so this one came as a complete surprise. I got an Instax Mini 7S from my dad! I didn't ask for one, even though I've been dreaming of having one for years now. I have yet to try it out (don't want to waste any film..), but I'm already in love with this baby. My brother got me some pretty flowers! I never thought I'd be a girl for 'bouquets', but I'm in love with this one! Such pretty colors!

Oh and I decorated my room with heart shaped balloons, but the baby pink ones totally made it look like I had butts and boobs hanging around my home.
Cute little goodies from my other brother and his lady n.n
pink goodness!
My mom, sister and her boyfriend got me a hot pink laundry basket filled with all sorts of pink presents! It was hilarious. I love presents which someone has obviously enjoyed picking out or putting together! The big pink super soft teddy bear was a gift from my dear friend Alex. I also made some delicious raspberry cheesecake cupcakes. They were to die for. You can find the recipe right here.
Some other sweet things that came through the mail! Tea in your trousers? Yes plz!
So this was obviously a very pink birthday (which should come as no surprise..). I had a great day and for once there was no drama going on at all! Previous years there was always something bad going on/happening/announced right on my special day, but now that's no more!


  1. Cool, you got some nice pressies there! I'm already curious what the result of that camera will be!

  2. Very cute pink presents! n.n
    The camera totally rocks! :3


  3. I love the "Mr. Tea" infuser! It's adorable!