Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kawaii Faces make the world a better place.

I've been getting back into the swing of taking pictures on a daily basis! Here are a few of things that made the beginning of February a little sweeter...
 ♥ I've been burning candles almost every evening lately.  It has a very calming effect on me, and aren't those melted candle wax swirls the prettiest thing?
 ♥ Finally I found a cupcake crochet pattern I could understand! You can find it right here. I'm so excited to have finally finished a project that isn't a scarf (and looks decent enough) I now want to make ALL THE CUPCAKES.
♥ Somehow buying any kind of make-up product always improves my mood. Even if it's just an eyeshadow base or something. Recently my favorite eyeshadow pallet exploded in my bag so I had to get a new one... the lipstick was an impulse buy, but I love love love it!
 ♥ Super cute card I received from my sister the other day! And that little star is a magnet too (so now it makes me smile every time I get something from my fridge, which is pretty often..) I love mail so much! I actually sent out some cute mail myself right after receiving this n.n

I hope everyone will have a great weekend! I'm thinking of going to this exhibition of art of Japanese Ghosts and Spirits this weekend (in the spirit of going out and DOING stuff).

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  1. I LOVE the candle wax, candle wax is fantastic.
    I'm going to have to try that cupcake pattern.