Wednesday, May 1, 2013

*Pink roses and other magical plants*

Current loves...
Just a little list with current things that make me happy to hopefully brighten up your day too!

Staying in to read 1Q84 all day with cups of tea  early morning runs in the park  ALL the colorsThis super happy 8tracks playlist and this sugary sweet 8tracks playlist  the movies 'Riding in Cars with Boys', 'Some Kind of Wonderful' and 'Where the Heart Is my summer and style pinterest board pink roses  10 Magical Indoor Plants To Attract Love, Joy And Prosperity! Can't wait to get myself some plants!  The new Blogilates calender for May (and finishing April succesfully!)
(I'm sorry, I'm the worst when it comes to saving the source of pictures...)


  1. Yay! I love those pictures! So happy. That playlist is fantastic too, it just make my whole day better.

  2. everything's so happy and inspiring <3